Day 2 - Super Inventors on the Move


Day 2 - Super Inventors on the Move, Italian mobility, Erasmus + 

After an early start, we caught the bus to the beautiful seaside Vendicari nature reserve. The Italian children were very excited, taking turns to carry the Super Inventors and communicating with the visiting teachers. 

At Vendicari, we watched birds like flamingos and herons, visited the ancient "tonnara”, a tuna ‘factory dating back to 300 years BC and visited an Eco museum. After such an incredible morning, we had our inspiring brainstorming and lesson planning session, working on an international challenge for our Sea and Sustainability topic.

Later on, a sailing workshop was organised by Lega Navale Italiana sezione di Pozzallo. We loved the philosophy of sailing which emphasises sailing as an inclusive team sport, as everyone has their own role but depends on all the others in the crew.  Relax and live slowly, and enjoy the sound of the wind and the waves!

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