Ready Steady Play Conference

06-03-2020 14:30

Ready Steady Play Conference, Colégio do Ave, 6th March

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EFL conference- Ready, Steady...Play!

Encouraging children in Kindergarten and primary to use English in free play, through stories, shared good practice and free resources, from the Ready Steady Play Erasmus+ project.  Plenary The plenary will be given by the project coordinators Jo Jackson (Finland), Yvonne Scherphof (the Netherlands) and Fran Seftel (Portugal). Their schools have been involved in an Erasmus+ partnership for three years. They will show how their stories about four monsters have had an enormous impact on the way they are teaching English and the motivation for English language learning among the 4-7 year old pupils and their teachers. Workshops Workshops for kindergarten as well as primary school teachers will be given by Anita Demitroff (Spain) and Pedro Cunha (Portugal). Anita is  an EFL teacher and trainer who has specialised in Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) with young learners.  She will present two sessions, one for Kindergarten teachers and one for primary teachers, about how to integrate English an

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